Remote Brook Trout Fishing

For spectacular wilderness brook trout fishing we offer only a select number of destinations – Audrey Lake, Echo Lake, Rainey Lake  and Verena Lake. Audrey Lake features great walleye and pike fishing to compliment the brook trout fishing. Verena Lake is perfect for the brook trout enthusiast particularly later in the summer when trophy brookies are often caught.

Trout specialists know that the more inaccessible the water the better the fishing and the 20 minute walk at Verena Lake to the Wekweyaukastic River makes this a reality. Two square back canoes are already on the river allowing anglers to cover the best trout holding areas.

Magnificent fish like these wild brookies will only be more plentiful now that we have moved to a total catch & release policy for all brook trout.

Air Cochrane Outposts Lead the Way in Conservation

As a first of its kind, leading the way in fish conservation, we will be providing fish cradles and rubber nets at all outpost camps for proper and safe handling of fish. Single barbless hooks are recommended in order to protect these precious fish.

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