SW Kesagami Outpost Camp offers anglers the unique opportunity to have their own cabin on their own private and secluded lake with pike and walleye available right in the outpost lake yet also have the opportunity to walk a 15 to 20 minute trail to the SW corner of Kesagami Lake commonly called Dumbbell Bay. At the end of the trail you will find extra gas and two fully outfitted Kesagami Lake fiberglass boats for fishing the Big Water of Kesagami in safety and comfort.

*Disclaimer: Due to our current workload trails and boats are not always maintained on the Kesagami side. Trails may not be clear and boats may need to be emptied of water or sand. Please keep this in mind when booking SW. Kesagami or Partridge.

Lake Information
Lake Size:1.25 Miles Long
Up To 10 Feet Deep
Lake Bottom:Muddy
Fish Species:Walleye, Northern Pike & Perch
Distance from Floatplane Base:92 Miles
Maximum Number of Fishermen:6
Boats:14 ft Aluminum. - Boats on Kesagami: 22' square stern freighter canoes
Motors: 6 HP Yamaha Motors on Kesagami: 9.9 HP Four stroke Yamahas.
GPS Coordinates:


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