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Embarking on an Epic Whitigo Lake Adventure
Encountering the Exotic Flora and Fauna of Whitigo Lake
Another lake purchased from True North Air Service in 2014, we are of the opinion that this lake is near virgin fishing conditions. 3.5 miles in length with a great back lake accessed by creek. Excellent Walleye fishing and Moose hunting.
Lake Information
Lake Size: Lake size 3.5 miles long , it is half a mile wide
Lake Bottom: Bottom is sandy with gravel
Fish Species: Walleye, Northern Pike,
Virgin Conditions!
Distance from Floatplane Base: 75 Miles
Maximum Number of Fishermen: Up to 6 fisherman
Boats: 3 boats and 1 freighter canoe
Motors: 1, 6 hp motor for every 2 fisherman , with a spare
GPS Coordinates: North: 49.98.360
West: 080.44.9154

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