Whitigo Lake

Another lake purchased from True North Air Service in 2014, we are of the opinion that this lake is near virgin fishing conditions. 3.5 miles in length with a great back lake accessed by creek. Excellent Walleye fishing and Moose hunting.

Lake Information
Lake Size:Lake size 3.5 miles long , it is half a mile wide
Lake Bottom:Bottom is sandy with gravel
Fish Species:Walleye, Northern Pike,
Virgin Conditions!
Distance from Floatplane Base:75 Miles
Maximum Number of Fishermen:Up to 6 fisherman
Boats:3 boats and 1 freighter canoe
Motors:1, 6 hp motor for every 2 fisherman , with a spare
GPS Coordinates:North: 49.98.360
West: 080.44.9154

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