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Cochrane Air Services received an award from the O.F.A.H. in 2007 for a 53 inch Northern Pike which was measured and released in Brailey Lake.

“Cochrane Air’s tiny, shallow Hudson Bay Lowlands lake outpost site is home to an inordinate number of big pike and plump walleyes”

Bill Rivers (Freelance writer/Ontario Fisherman)

“The sport fish of the James Bay Frontier are as varied as the terrain itself Big northern pike, walleye, brook trout, perch and whitefish top the list. They don’t grow fast in the north but they grow large.”

Anthony Benham (Canadian Sportfishing Hot Spots)

“Cochrane Air Services offers several fishing plans. Each plan covers different lakes accessible only by air and uses many of the lakes on a rotating basis to help maintain a healthy fish stock in each.”

Sam Kelba (Freelance writer) 

Cochrane Air Service