Canada’s James Bay Lowlands consist of over 10,000 square miles of wilderness. The Cochrane District is renowned for over 400 lakes and rivers. You will fish for the mighty Northern Pike, the delicious Walleye, tricky Speckled Trout, tons of perch, wiley Whitefish and massive Sturgeon. Our lakes are teeming with hundreds of fish that only a fly-in can provide.
Here’s what the experts say
Through government protection, careful management, catch-and-release and rotating lakes, Cochrane Air Services LP is committed to providing you with a quality fishing vacation. We do insist that you release the trophy fish and have fiberglass mounts made as a reminder of your big catch.
Most lakes have both Walleye & Northern Pike. Perhaps the tastiest fish in our waters, average size for Walleye is 1.5-2lbs. Numerous and fiesty, this species is a treat for all anglers. Bucktail jigs work well for Walleye.
Northern Pike
The main sport fish in Northern Ontario is the veracious Northern Pike. Pike favour spoons (red & white daredevils and silver minnows) and casting into weed beds can produce lunkers up to 20lbs. Found in abundance in our lakes, we have the best pike producing area in Canada.
Brook Trout

Found in the rivers and streams in our area CASLP has outposts which access these rivers for speckled trout. Best time for trout is July, Aug & Sept. when you can catch trout up to 8, 20 and 22 inches. See link below for more info on brook trout fishing and our conservation policies.