moose hunting

Planning your next moose hunt? Put our 40+ years of experience to work for you. The 20+ remote wilderness lakes we operate on are 42 – 98 miles from our base. Many lakes are used only for hunting. With so many lakes to choose from and the limited number of adult tags we receive, a party is never stuck on an over-hunted lake. All of our fly-in lakes lie within Wildlife Management Unit 26.

The resident hunt begins September 14th, 2024. The non-resident hunt begins September 23rd, 2024. Operations end October 5th.

Our Moose Hunt Includes:
  • Flight in from and out to Cochrane
  • Boats, Motors or Canoes, Gasoline
  • Accommodation in cabin equipped with propane stove, lights and fridge.

Not Included: Hunting or Fishing Licences, Export Permits, Guides, Moose Tag MNR Fee, Groceries or flying out your Moose. Charter rates are applied to fly out your Moose.


Hunters must have their Hunting Outdoors Card and Moose Licence by August 1st. Cochrane Air provides the tag.

When your moose tag has been issued hunters are required to claim the tag on their online account, for more information on how to do this please CLICK HERE

  • Our policy at Cochrane Air Services LP has always been that tags cannot be cancelled, even if the party is successful in the draw for WMU #26.
  • If your group “drops” a tag, a $500.00 non-refundable fee is applied for cancellation of either a bull or cow tag.
  • We discourage this practice as we have to resell the tag at a date close to the hunt and it also interferes with our local hunters being successful in obtaining a tag in this WMU.
We look forward to welcoming you as our guests for your next moose hunt. Our experienced staff are prepared to make your trip with us as successful and memorable as possible.

When you call to book your moose hunt, ask us about the great pike and walleye fishing. Make it a combo trip for the same rate.