Booking Policies

FISHING PACKAGES: A deposit of $300.00 per person confirms your outpost fishing trip. Deposits are non-refundable after May 1st. Balance of trip payable prior to your departure.

MOOSE HUNTING PACKAGES: A $1,000.00 deposit per person is required as a hunting trip confirmation. Deposits are non-refundable after May 1st. The moose hunt balance is due August 1st.

A reservation cannot be held without proper deposit. Deposits can be made by money order, Visa or Mastercard. Please note that over the next several months, Cochrane Air Services will be phasing out acceptance of personal cheques & cash for deposits and payments.

Please direct any correspondence to Cochrane Air Services LP and post it to LOT #728 HWY 652, Cochrane, Ontario P0L 1C0.

Baggage Limits

There is no limit to the baggage you can bring. There is a limit for the weight each aircraft can carry. Our pricing allows you to pick the amount of weight you wish to bring. Your weight includes your actual body weights and all of your baggage. Additional gear can be flown to your cabin, requiring an additional aircraft at a per pound rate of $2.00/lb.

If you find it necessary to bring extra gear, beverages and food to make your trip more enjoyable, feel free to do so. Additional gear can be flown to your cabin, requiring an additional aircraft at charter rates.

Cochrane Air Services will not be responsible for any lost fishing or hunting time or additional expenses incurred for food, hotel charges, or airline fees, as a result of delay or cancellation of any or part of the flight due to the events not within its control, inclusive of lightning, weather sorts, fire or other acts of the elements, unreliability of equipment, or the failure of its suppliers to meet their promises.
Fishing Policy
Cochrane Air Services LP feels a great responsibility for the protection of our precious fishing resources. In order to guarantee top quality remote wilderness fishing for the future we have instituted a catch and release policy for walleye and a total release policy for pike. It is with the cooperation with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources that we have implemented this progressive catch and release conservation policy.

No pike or brook trout of any size may be kept. No walleye (over 18″) may be kept. Only two walleye (up to 18″) may be taken each day and only for immediate consumption (i.e. shore lunch or camp). No fish may be taken home. Single barbless hooks are strongly recommended for your personal safety and the protection of the fish.

The fish found in these waters take time to grow to such great proportions because of the sub-Arctic climate. For example, the trophy pike that are regularly caught may range in age from 15 to 30 years. An 18″ walleye might be 20 years old. Walleyes in this remote wilderness area don’t often breed until they are seven years old and even the average walleye eaten at shore lunch can be 10 years old. For our conservation policy to be truly successful, we depend on an educated angler who not only uses the correct tackle, but who also shows consideration in the safe landing, handling and releasing of these fish.

We thank you for showing respect and consideration for this wilderness fishery. We can all work together to preserve these fish for many years to come.


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