Moose Hunting Package

We are sold out of Bull tags for 2023!
(but we do have a waitlist)

Moose Hunts

Prices are per person, Canadian Funds, HST 13% extra.

1 Bull & 1 Cow Tag
2 Hunters$4,800.00 
3 Hunters$4,000.00 
4 Hunters$3,700.00 
Bull Tag Hunts
1 Hunter 1 Bull Tag$6,200.00
2 Hunters 1 Bull Tag$4,000.00
3 Hunters 1 Bull Tag$3,500.00
4 Hunters 1 Bull Tag$3,300.00
Cow Tag Hunts
1 Hunter 1 Cow Tag$4,900.00
2 Hunters 1 Cow Tag$3,300.00
3 Hunters 1 Cow Tag$2,800.00
4 Hunters 1 Cow Tag$2,700.00

Regular Plan Hunts include:

  • Flight in to outpost and out to Cochrane
  • Accommodations in equipped cabin
  • One boat & motor with gas for every 2 hunters

Guides are an additional $1,350.00.

Cost to fly a moose out is $900.00

Satellite phones are included in the price of the hunt. If you have your own satellite communicator please let us know.

Contact us at (888) 234-8882 to book your next hunting adventure!

Prior to booking, please read our booking policies

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