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Unveiling the Wonders of Snare Lake
A Deep Dive into Snare Lake’s Aquatic Ecosystem
Good Northern Pike (30+ inches) in Snare Lake with easy access to Bateman Lake for 3lb + Walleyes. Twenty minutes via the Bateman creek at the north east corner of Snare Lake will get you to Bateman. Springer Lake is also accessible from Snare via the Miwkam River which exits the south west corner of Snare Lake. Good Northern Pike fishing in the Miwkam River.
Lake Information
Lake Size: 1 Mile Long
Up To 20 Feet Deep
Lake Bottom: Rocky
Fish Species: Walleye & Northern Pike.
Distance from Floatplane Base: 50 Miles
Maximum Number of Fishermen: 6
Boats: 14 ft Aluminum
Motors: 8 hp Evinrudes
GPS Coordinates: North: 49.24.368 – West: 080.06.885

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